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Suppliers I use

Most computer hardware

I can recommend Novatech for most computer hardware - PCs, laptops and components. I’ve been using them since 1998 and their service is excellent. They also have expert technical staff who have been very helpful.


Adding memory is one of the most effective ways of speeding up a computer. Crucial is the place to go for this. They have a whizzy little application that will probe your PC and tell you exactly what memory is compatible with your system.


My current ISP is BT Infinity Option 2 which gives me unlimited bandwidth at just under 70Mbps download speed and 16Mbps upload speed as measured on Infinity is an FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) installation which is why speeds are so high. The signal only gets slowed down by the short length of copper from the green cabinet in the road to the house, instead of all the way from the exchange.

Previously I was with Talk Talk Business after they took over Opal who took over Tiscali who took over Pipex who took over FreedomtoSurf which was the ISP I joined up with initially.

Web host

Because I don’t get web space with my new ISP, I needed to find a new host. After doing a little research (mainly involving Google!), I settled on  Pixel Internet - where I also registered the domain name. So far I am well pleased with my choice - they provide plenty of facilities for not very much outlay.


Who doesn't use Amazon? I use them for all sorts of things. Most recently I bought a 30m ethernet cable for under a fiver. I also have a Kindle, so use them to download books.

This is a selection of suppliers I use and recommend.