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Software I use

I am a great believer in not paying for software when I don’t have to. I don’t mean pirating, of course: there is a great deal of OpenSource software out there which is as good as, and sometimes better than, the paid-for stuff.


I don't have any special firewall software. I just rely on the built-in Windows 10 Defender and the fact that I am behind a router anyway.

Software development

Much of my software is developed using Microsoft Visual C++. This is not cheap, but I have used versions of it for years and bought it when I was running my own business. I recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 Professional from V6.0, which I used to use and is no longer compatible with current Microsoft operating systems. Thanks to those who have donated, which has helped a lot with this purchase.

If I was starting out again, I would use Java, since it’s a better language in my opinion and also platform-independent. The Android version of Spine is written in Java, ported from the original Visual C++ PC version. It’s built using Android Studio.


I used to use Avast! But it became horribly bloated with lots of unnecessary stuff. With Windows 10, Windows Defender is vastly improved and no other AV is needed.


My browser of choice is Google Chrome. I have Edge which comes with Windows 10, but only use it when I have to.


I use Thunderbird as my email client. It comes from the Mozilla stable, like Firefox (which I used before I discovered Chrome).


I have written a journey booking system for a local voluntary organisation, which is browser based and written in the PHP language. For this I use the DevPHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Image viewer

There’s only one for me: IrfanView. Many of the images on this site were re-sized and processed using this excellent little product. You can’t use it for editing images, however, apart from adding text - I use MS Paint for that.

Office software

Rather than pay a fortune for a well-known Office package, I use the free OpenSource Libre Office, which I have found is pretty much completely compatible. As well as the default Open Document Format, it will save in Microsoft compatible formats (.doc, .xls etc.)

FTP agent

I need FTP to transfer stuff to and from my web site. FileZilla is OpenSource and very easy to use.

Web development

I use Serif’s WebPlus X6, having upgraded through various intermediate versions from WebPlus 10, which I used originally. It ‘s a sophisticated tool that does everything I need to do at a fraction of the price of  the professional stuff. I particularly like the new lightbox feature which you may notice I have used on this updated site!

[This software is now discontinued.]