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TpTask Readme

Readme/Help for TpTask V2.5

What's it for?

TpTask is a simple program to generate task declarations in the standard BGA format as HTML files which you can view and print with your browser.


If you want to preset certain fields in the declaration, such as Pilot Name, Glider Type, etc., click on the Settings button and fill in the relevant fields.

Creating and saving a task declaration

The current list of BGA turning points is supplied with the installation. These are displayed in the left hand window. The right hand window will show the task you define.

Click on a turning point in the left hand window to select it, then click on the Insert button to add it to the task. If there are entries already defined, the new turning point is added after the currently highlighted entry.

Alternatively, double-click on a turning point in the left hand list to perform the select and insert functions as one action.

To remove a turning point from the task, click on the required entry in the task window, then click the Remove button.

By default, the Place of Takeoff is set to the departure point and the Intended Landing Place to the finish point. If you want a remote start/finish, click on the appropriate Change... button.

When the task is complete, click on the Save button to save the declaration as an HTML file.

Loading a previously saved task

You can re-load a task previously saved by TpTask by clicking on the Load button and choosing the file you want. Only files saved by TpTask can be loaded in this way.

You can then modify the task as you wish and re-save it.

Installation and Removal

Just double-click on the self-installing image you downloaded and follow the instructions to install the program.

To remove the program from your computer, go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and click on the TpTask entry.


The current BGA turning point file is included with this program. You can check for updates to this file and/or the program itself by clicking on the Check for updates button at the top right of the dialog.

By default, the program will remind you periodically to check for updates. You can change the defaults at any time by clicking on the Settings button and choosing the Reminders tab.