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Screen shots 2

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boundaries.png review.png

This is the screen you see if you click the Boundaries button on the main dialog.  You can use this to exclude turning points beyond a particular line of latitude or longitude.

This step is optional: you still need to have set up a range circle on the main dialog to have any turning points at all.

The next thing is to review the turning points you have selected...

This is the screen you see when you click the Review button on the main dialog.

Turning points in your selection are shown in the right-hand window; the remainder are shown in the left-hand window.

Select TPs in the right-hand window (click and drag to select a contiguous group, or control/click to make a multiple selection) then click the left arrow button to remove them.

Select TPs in the left-hand window and click the right arrow button to add them.

In this example, the secondary Lasham points have been removed, and Challock has been added. Note also the user-defined waypoint, Clench Common.