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TpSelect Readme

Readme/Help for TpSelect V3.1

What's it for?

Many GPS's are limited in the number of user-defined waypoints that they can store. The current list of BGA turning points contains over 900 for the whole of the United Kingdom. Even if your GPS is capable of storing this many, you probably want to limit the number you download, to avoid clutter.

The main UK turning point file is split into several regional files, but these also contains turning points that you possibly won't need. For example, the southern regional file contains 7 entries for Lasham, including competition start points. Unless you fly competitions from Lasham, you will probably only want the main LAS turning point.

TpSelect allows you to specify a particular location (for example your home club site) and to select turning points from the main file that are within a certain range of this point. You can then review the list of selected points and add further points or remove those you don't need.

When you save your final selection, this is written to a file in any one of a number of different formats, depending on your model of GPS, or the download program that you use.

Installation and Removal

Just double-click on the self-installing image you downloaded and follow the instructions to install the program.

To remove the program from your computer, go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and click on the TpSelect entry.

Checking for updates

You can check for updates at any time by clicking on the Check for updates... button. The program then connects to the internet (if you are not already connected) and reads a file containing update information. If a new version of the program or a new version of the BGA turning points database is available, you will be given the option to download it.

At periodic intervals you will be reminded to check for updates (you can turn off this feature if you prefer).