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Screen shots 2

The Plot Window shows a graphic representation of NOTAMs and airspace. Airspace is shown to help you visualise the position of NOTAMs, and printouts of the plot window must not be used for navigation!

PlotView.png PlotViewPopup.png PlotViewDistance.png PlotViewComplex.png

This is a general view of the plot window. The red circle shows the limit for NOTAMs that has been set - in this case, a 50Km circle around RIV. NOTAMs within limits are shown in black, as circles, specific shapes, or in the case of linear routes (such as the Red Arrows flight shown here), as lines.

You can pan and zoom the display by selecting the appropriate tool from the toolbar at the top.

If you hover the mouse within the area of a NOTAM or a section of airspace, a window pops up with additional information. The panel on the left shows more details of the NOTAM, which remain until a different NOTAM is selected. The panel can be hidden by dragging the dividing bar to the left.

If there is more than one NOTAM at a particular point, you can cycle through the information by clicking the mouse buttons.

You can measure the distance from the centre to the cursor position by clicking the right mouse button.

(The cursor does not appear on this screen shot).

Spine can show NOTAMs with complex areas. This example shows a military exercise off the Cornish coast. The reported distance and bearing from your home airfield to complex areas (shown in the main dialog and on the printed output) is calculated to the nearest point on the outline.

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