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Screen shots 1


This is the main dialog, showing a NOTAM being displayed. The Category, Subject and Condition are taken from the ‘Q’ line which enables accurate classification and filtering.

The position and radius are also taken from the ‘Q’ line. These do not, however, accurately reflect the area covered by the NOTAM if it is not an actual circle. To get round this, Spine also extracts any coordinates found in the text to build a list of points defining an area or linear route. This is particularly important for accurate plotting, or when using Spine to generate an OpenAir or TNP file for display of NOTAM boundaries on a PDA in flight. Showing circles instead of actual areas or lines is not particularly useful in this case.

The distance and bearing from the home airfield (in this case RIV) are also shown.

The data fields are shown in black, indicating that this NOTAM will be included in the output. Deleted entries are colour coded as shown in the panel on the left.

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