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Spine Readme

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Readme for Spine V7.4

  1. Why Spine?
  2. Who's it for?
  3. What's it for?
  4. Summary of features
  5. Minimum requirements
  6. Installation and removal
  7. Version history
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. Small print

Why Spine? Top

Spine stands for "Soaring Pilot's Intelligent NOTAMs Editor".

Who's it for? Top

While, as its name suggests, Spine is mainly aimed at glider pilots, it can also be used by private GA pilots. Settings can be changed to filter NOTAMs for Gliding, GA VFR or GA IFR.

Currently, due to the availability of source information, the program can only be used in the United Kingdom.

What's it for? Top

NOTAMs as downloaded from the Internet contain a lot of information that is not relevant, especially to glider pilots. Neither are they usually sorted into a convenient order.

Spine helps you to edit NOTAMs and discard the irrelevant ones, and also sorts the output into a usable form. You can also restrict the output to a specific area, for example by setting a maximum distance from your home airfield.

Summary of features Top